Warhammer: citat för fluffpresentation av armén

Här kommer några citat från ledande figurer i min armé. De är tänkta att ytterligare utveckla det undergångstema som genomsyrar armén. Imperiet brinner, som sagt, och armén består av de hårda, sega gubbjävlar som har överlevt de vedermödor som människorna har utsatts för. Vissa av dem har tagit sin tillflykt till religiös fanatism och andra till fatalistiskt lugn. Låt oss börja...
Army of the Last Days
"In the Pandemonium to come, Man shall ascend to the epitome of his prowess, endurance and determination. Strange paths we shall walk, but we shall still tread them as Men of the Empire."
Arch Lector Sigward, leader of the Army of the Last Days
"I knew men who used helmets. They are all dead."
"Men of the Empire! I have looked into the eyes of each and every one of you and seen Doom mirrored there. But for us who have lost all else, the demand for vengeance is all the stronger. If the Chaos Gods grasp and break this land in their iron fists, then by Sigmar we shall at least maim their fingers."
Wulfstan Sturmhof, Captain of the Empire, Battle Standard Bearer of the Army of the Last Days
"A principle that generally holds: 'if it has tentacles, it is a heretic.'"
"Busy days, these..."
Markward Lander, Witch-Hunter
"Three things I trusted in life: the steadfastness of the Empire, the stability of my family and the force of black powder. One is left to me..."
Ulrich Fels, Master of Cannon
"Hail to thee, father Sigmar!
Hail to the Smouldering Sun!
Hail to the Fires of the Firmament!
Hail to the Harbingers of Horror!
Hail to the Onset of the End!
We walk unswerving through the Jaws of Death
and stand upright before the Gates of Hell!"
Pledges of the Knights of the Dying Sun
 "This is the final hour. What we have preached has finally come true. First those bloating in their self-righteousness died, together with the naïve fools trusting the fortifications of old. Soon we too shall fall, but first, brothers, let us cleanse parts of this once glorious creation and ready it for the final cataclysm!"
Rechart, First Flagellant